Ilkurot 2007-2008

We employed a Tinga Tinga artist, who carries out our painting lessons for clients, to go and stay in the village for two weeks and paint murals and educational drawings on the newly plastered walls. In Ilkurot, the scenery is bland and the school grounds were excessively so, thus this new splash of colour has truly lifted spirits and allowed the students to enjoy coming to their school.

In 2007, we also planted almost 500 trees in an effort to cut down the dust that does fly and cause so many eye infections and dry coughs. We hope that as we enter 2008, we are able to put more water tanks in place to water the trees so that they can grow and make a marked difference in the school environment.

In July and August, we were lucky enough to have Andy and Kelly onboard to construct a playground for the children. A first in the school, a first in the village, a first in the district and only one of a few in the outskirts of Arusha. This has enabled the children to include sports education into their curriculum by way of a basic football pitch, netball court and volleyball court. Also balance beams, monkeys bars and climbing frames are being used for the nursery school to encouragement gross motor skills, counting, and other social skills. We are very grateful for this to have happened.

We have also had the strong support of the Asante Africe Foundation to assist in the building on 14 new toilets for the Primary School – this has literally saved the school as it was ear-marked to be shut down by the government in 2009. They have also helped us with the refurbishment of classrooms, along with the completion of the Std 7 classroom.

Ilkurot Primary & Nursery School is located approximately 30km north of Arusha, Tanzania in a Maasai village called Ilkurot (meaning "dusty place").
From 2008, we have begun to assist in Esilalei, a Maasai village along the shores of Lake Manyara. Together with Into Africa UK and Belafrica (Europe), we have built their first classroom - a Nursery school for 120 students.
Le Manyatta & Matimu Primary Schools are located approximately 20km north of Arusha, Tanzania in a Maasai village called Le Manyatta (meaning 'protected place' in the Maa language). They are schools that was built approximately thirty years ago by the Tanzanian government, beginning as 3 mud classrooms.
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