We also complete further refurbishment on four other classrooms, including assistance from some Australian secondary schools to come across and go ahead and build ceilings into six classrooms - this helped to appease the heat from the sun beaming down on the corrugated iron roofing sheets.

For 2010, we simply 'maintained' Ilkurot, funding school supplies, some teacher and the cook's wages and the porridge program and promoting cultural tourism throughout the village.

Ilkurot Primary & Nursery School is located approximately 30km north of Arusha, Tanzania in a Maasai village called Ilkurot (meaning "dusty place").
From 2008, we have begun to assist in Esilalei, a Maasai village along the shores of Lake Manyara. Together with Into Africa UK and Belafrica (Europe), we have built their first classroom - a Nursery school for 120 students.
Le Manyatta & Matimu Primary Schools are located approximately 20km north of Arusha, Tanzania in a Maasai village called Le Manyatta (meaning 'protected place' in the Maa language). They are schools that was built approximately thirty years ago by the Tanzanian government, beginning as 3 mud classrooms.
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